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Playland Armenia


PlayLand Armenia is a virtual world for children to play, learn and interact with each other in an exciting digital playground. Children of any language skill, aged 5-10, now have a unique experience exploring the world of Armenian language and culture. By becoming members of this large community, they can make friends with Armenian children from the US, Canada, Russia, France, Lebanon, South America, Australia, and much more! The App allows children to communicate with each other in their own language. The platform provides the greatest security levels. The children are not allowed to publish any personal information, photos and chat function is controlled. Instead they are presented as Gadoos, little cats, that have their houses. They can "purchase" styles of clothes, decorate the house, send postcards and invite the friend cats to play together. But they first need to earn coins by playing games and learning Armenian. Playland Armenia is not only a gaming platform, but also an awesome guide for Armenian parents in Diaspora and in Armenia who want to combine their kids’ leisure time along with learning Armenian language and cultural elements. Besides games teaching the alphabet, numbers, phrases, colours and tales, the parents are given workbooks, cards, colouring books, word scrambles, and many more intellectual paper games and exercises.